How to Rank your local business on Page first of Google

9 October 2017
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Do you want to rank your Business on Page Fist in google’s top 10?

If yes.then do following things
If you are looking for some way to rank your web page. Then you need to do following things.

1.Start writing unique content on you website having very low competition keywords. You can use google keyword planner tool to analyze keyword matrices like CPC, monthly searches, competition.
2. Check your page indexing by using simple term ‘site:yourdomain’. If you find your post in google search that means your post has been indexed.
3. Now it’s time to include keywords in your content naturally. Don’t over do it. Use lsi keywords instead of absolute keywords.
4.Do not ignore on page SEO during writing post. Like use proper H1, H2 &H3 tag, insert lsi keywords within your post, Proper meta description, image having alt tag with proper keyword.
5. Write at least 600 words or more.
6. Include your keyword in page URL.
7. generates some quality backlinks. For this you need to comment on other’s blog having relevant category like yours
and do guest posting.
8. Update your content, once it become outdated.
9. Use reddit to drive referral traffic on your blog. This helps your new post to rank in top google result.
10. Don’t use any black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, cloacking, hiding text, use misleading headings etc.
11.share you content on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, reddit, medium, digg, delicious etc.
12. Join quora, yahoo Q&A fourms.
13. Publish content regularly on your blog.
14. Create your sitemap.
15. Submit your sitemap to google search console.
16. Track your competitors with help of some tools like ahrefs, semrush etc..
17. Use security layer like SSL/https to.
18. Do not copy other’s content.
Here the important tips are
1. Create backlinks by guest posting and commenting other’s blog.
2. Write quality Content

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