Top 7 SEO techniques for 2017 that can bring Organic visitors and Viral Traffic

30 November 2016
SEO News
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Here, you have come to the right place to find out the tip 7 techniques to get the traffic organically.

  1. Audit your website regularly

Usually, audit means to examine the entire essential financial document, a result, an event, in order to get rid of mistakes and the take the advanced decision in the future. In the SEO strategy, the examination of the site helps your website to retain and attract the customers.

  1. Design more optimized landing page

A number of visitors reach your site and go away without taking any decision. It may be because of that they don’t get the related topics and don’t come to the conclusion. So, provide direct ways to the prospectus by adding the suitable landing page and CTA’s on every page.

  1. Deep data research via end user value

Here, you need to keep one thing in mind that you are providing the just marketing, selling, and producing for customers. Your business is worthless without the customers. Your website content is everything for you. This is the just the way to get the customers to your site. Be relative and conclude something clear to the customer of the specific product.

  1. Design your website responsive and mobile-friendly

In previous 4-5 years, the pictures on mobile commerce are changed drastically. There is an increase in mobile searched queries can been seen more up to 5 times than the previous years? The studies show that 4 out of 5 persons are surfing the internet through mobile and almost 67% internet surfers are interested of mobile shopping. So it is advisable to design your website mobile-friendly to get the more visitors and customers.

  1. Take benefit of infographic power

This is an effective and simple way of increasing web traffic. Analysis shows that during the last two years, infographic increased almost up to 800% and still increasing. A scientific study research proved that 90% information is visual that is transmitted to the brain.

  1. Target and observe competitor’s live keywords

It may happen sometimes that you may skip some really and powerful effective keywords that your competitor’s are using. It is advisable and smart practice for you to reach out your competitors.

  1. Use latent semantic indexing

In this technique, Google uses algorithm while taking the decision of ranking the site. The algorithm is updated frequently and the search factors never remain same.

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