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23 September 2016
SEO News
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In 2016, eyes and ears are on mobile devices. We work with you there to make sure your company story is told impeccably, that you capture the users’ attention by providing value upfront in a very noisy digital world. We then help you scale those relationships to build trust and ultimately build customers for life. 2016 means long-form, legacy driven marketing.

It’s what we do. You, me and my team, together: We Are A Genius. Project based | Seasonal | Ongoing Monthly Retainer
Client facing or Skype / Phone Meetings


  1. Social media followings of my clients consistently increase 500-800% within the first month of service.
  2. On multiple occasions, we have helped break ‘clicks per day’ records on client websites (without the use of pay-per-click advertising).
  3. Our email marketing campaigns consistently perform at higher success rates than industry averages.
  4. Our canvassing efforts consistently link our service-based clients to several thousand of dollars in sales.
  5. Our social media paid advertising efforts have brought in new page followers for as low as $0.02 cents per LIKE, bringing in hundreds of new page followers per month and high value social currency at astonishingly low prices.
  6. We have helped generate over $50,000 of sales for for a client in 10 months of service. ROI: 150% gain.
  7. Tripled client sales from his previous year in just the first 3 months of taking our services


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